This year, I received a Fund for Teachers Fellowship to develop an educational travel program to northern India. In the process of writing curriculum and creating a program of study, I will connect with traditional musicians, visit NGOs, and experience Indian culture. This Blog will detail my adventures.

However, my story begins in Cambodia and so will this Blog. From May 28 through June 16, Alison Zych and I are leading a group of ten students from Northpoint Expeditionary Learning Academy through a cultural immersion in Cambodia and Vietnam. This succeeds the Cambodia Intensive that David DenHartog and I led a year and a half ago.

My Fund for Teachers Fellowship follows directly from my work in Cambodia, so I think this beginning is fitting. Furthermore, Cambodian culture is inextricably linked with India’s, and I hope to delve into some of the similarities and differences of the two countries.

This fall, I will begin work at Four Rivers Charter Public School in Greenfield, Massachusetts, where I hope to take my work from Cambodia and from this Fund for Teachers Fellowship. I hope you enjoy this Blog, and much thanks for following my thoughts on pedagogy, ethnomusicology, and international travel.

~Jeff Dyer, Phnom Penh, June 3 2013